LeTown Builder, a pixel town building Game.


LeTown Builder is a pixel town building game. Start with 5 people in the middle of nowhere and build a thriving town.  But first, you must survive.  Gather food and supplies.  Build shelters.  Build a school and research technologies that can help make your town better.  Your budding town will face a myriad of dangers.  As if wildfires, werewolves and zombie outbreaks, are not enough, you may face dangerous animals, riots, bandits, and a host of natural disasters.  

In LeTown Builder, you can choose from 3 different environments. 

  • The terrain is randomly generated.
  • Each environment has different resources.
  • Build a trade post to trade for rare resources.
  • Save any time, and pick up later.
  • No microtransactions!
  • Created using the Love2D engine.

As Day turn into night, the gentle untamed forrest becomes cold and dark.


  • Build a fire to keep your villagers warm
  • Make sure every family has a home to go to!
  • Beware of night wolves!
  • Night is not a time to go off hunting.



There should now be less troublemakers.

The desert has its own weather.

fixing more "sprite" crashes, probably in merchants code.